I believe in responsive experiences driven by engaging storylines and appealing characters. My mission is to create such experiences with a team of passionate people and further develop my skills by actively learning in a goal-driven environment.

2014 – Now 

Motion Capture focused role at Warhorse Studios.

Trained by top-class animators involved in games such as Mafia 2 and Operation Flashpoint / ArmA.

Daily involvement with:

Shoot Planning
Camera Calibration
Marker Placement
Technical Supervision
Post Processing
Motion Editing

Responsible for authoring of game engine friendly assets:

Player & NPC Animation (locomotion, combat, alchemy, activities, dialogue)
Cinematic Animation (cutscenes, trailers, promo art)

In collaboration with lead, seniors and entire Animation and Cutscene team.

Software used:

CryEngine 3
Optitrack Motive

SCRUM-based development process:

Daily Standups (remember, the sticky notes will always be with you)

Skills & Interests

  • Organized and thoughtful approach to creative tasks in a collaborative environment
  • Flexible workflow to deliver believable character animation and cinematic sequences
  • Efficient problem-solving skills to overcome production challenges
  • Ability to conceptualize, pre-visualize and present ideas clearly
  • Writing, Game Design, Level Design, Lighting, Modelling & Texturing enthusiast
  • Lifelong passion for storytelling for any medium
  • An avid observer of trends surrounding the Games & Film industry

Software Experience

Unreal Engine, Source Filmmaker, Maya, 3Ds Max

Motion Analysis Cortex, Faceware

Photoshop, Premiere

Work Experience


Video Editor at GameTV.cz

News, video reviews, video capture, voice-over, video editing, content management, site promotion


Freelance Video Editor at Tiscali Games.cz

Video reviews, video capture, voice-over, video editing – Halo Reach Video Review


External QA Tester at Combat Testing LLC

Playtesting, stress testing, bug reporting  – Homefront, Crysis 2, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Gaikai

Previous Projects


Undercurrent, VR Game Prototype at Teesside University

Descend to the depth of the ocean and explore the fantastically foreign world. An ambitious group project designed for Oculus Rift

Responsible for game concept, animation, rigging, lighting, video editing of promotional material


Journeyman Project, NPC Animation Lead

Five game concepts developed into five UDK games; a student-led game development project.

Advised and supported a team of animators, generally responsible for management and co-ordination with other departments. Also rigged and animated an AI-driven NPC.



Anomalia – Professional Training & Network in 3D Animation

Animation Workflow with Keith Lango (VALVE)
Modern Acting Approaches in 3D Animation with Andy Schmidt (PIXAR)
Dialogue and Emotions with Rich Quade (PIXAR)


BA Computer Games Animation (2:1 Degree)

5 Most Important Anatomical Rules for Animators by Stuart Sumida


Anatomy of a Fight Masterclass by Stuart Sumida


Acting for Animators Master Class by Ed Hooks


“Don’t ask so much what the world needs. Go out and do what makes you come alive, because what the world needs most are people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

References available upon request